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Are you acing your interviews? Read Vettery's tips and tricks for approaching technical interviews.

Download Vettery's Technical Interview Guide to sharpen your skills and leave a great impression.

At Vettery, we sit at a unique crossroads in the world of hiring: thousands of job seekers and employers use our online hiring marketplace to build teams and make bold career moves, every day. Having played a part in hundreds of thousands of interview processes, we’re excited to share some insights we’ve gathered along the way.

In this report, you'll learn best practices and expectations for technical interviews. We'll cover:

  • Topics to know: We'll provide detail on the most important topics to brush up on, including data structures, algorithms, and system design.
  • Interview formats: We've outlined how to approach the different types of technical interviews – and when you're likely to encounter them in your process.
  • Tips and resources: Our tips will help you feel prepared and organized, so that you're ready for anything come interview day.