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Does your resume stand out? Read Vettery's tips and tricks for crafting an expert sales resume.

Download Vettery's Sales Resume Guide to enhance your resume and ensure you're putting your best foot forward.

At Vettery, we sit at a unique crossroads in the world of hiring: thousands of job seekers and employers use our online hiring marketplace to build teams and make bold career moves, every day. Having seen hundreds of thousands of resumes, we’re excited to share some insights we’ve gathered along the way.

In this report, you'll learn how to create a top-notch sales resume. We'll cover:

  • Templates & Guides: We format what an expert resume should look like and what sections you should be sure to include. We lay out why certain sections and details are important - it's not always what you'd think!
  • Tools to get started: Our checklist and list of action verbs provide you with all you need to strengthen any potential weak areas of your resume.
  • A sample: Sometimes, what you really need is a sample. We've got that too!